Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Bethie had a older sister named Elizabeth who died at age 13. Bethie actually never knew anything about her sister. Bethie is now 13 and her mother calls her Elizabeth. Bethie's mom is having a mental breakdown, and her parents drive Bethie to her aunt's house in a different town and they leave her there. Bethie starts wondering why they left her there.
Her aunt, her cousin, and people in the town act strangely around her. Bethie tries to figure out why. What she finds out confuses and angers her.
I felt as puzzled as Bethie when she was left at her aunt's house without knowing what was happening. I would be shocked also to know that I had a sister that I didn't know about for 13 years.
Nimsi Canales, Grade 8

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rosa brenes said...

I liked you book on 11 birthdays me and my freind were reading it and we liked it you sister rosa