Monday, April 7, 2014

fallen in love by lauren Kate

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate contains four short romantic paranormal stories that take place on Valentines Day. In these four short stories the fallen angels try to take care of the humans that they've fallen in love with. Lucy, the main character, dies four times and is reincarnated and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Lauren Kate makes you feel like you can be in any place at any time. The way she paints the story for us is simply beautiful. You can almost smell the beach as you stand on the cliff over looking the Atlantic ocean. Each time Lucy travels into another time zone or another country in Europe you can see, hear, and even sometimes taste the air. When you're in the hospital wing you can picture all the brave soldiers on the cots with their wounds. Lauren Kate makes it seem like all these characters are real. The reader can connect to them. You can't help but feel you want to just jump in the book and tell Lucy that what she is doing to try to end the cycle of rebirth is wrong and will cause her and Daniel to cease to exist. It's a love story like no other.

Lucy goes through time period after time period on a quest to find out why she gets reincarnated. All she ever wants is to be an angel with Daniel. If you read the first three books of the Fallen series you must read this book to see if Lucy breaks the cycle and what happens to her relationship with Daniel. Grades 6-11 will love this series. Its for anyone that will love a adventurous love story.

Book 1 Fallen
Book 2 Torment
Book 3 Passion
Book 4 Fallen In Love 
Book 5 Rapture

Rating: 3

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