Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rose Madder by Stephen King

She lived a nightmare with Norman for fourteen years. Rose met Norman in high school He was strong and an 80's type of cool. When he proposed matrimony straight out of high school she thought she would be very happy.

Sadly she was very mistaken. For fourteen years, every time that Norman did something abusive to her she just said "Oh, it's my fault." Eventually, she finally woke up and realized that if she didn't do something he would eventually kill her.

She had to evaluate her options. Leaving involved so many things. How would she try to go who knows where on her own? Also, where would she get the money from? Knowing Norman, he wouldn't let this pass lightly.

This book is intended for young adults, and there are many concepts that led me to believe that this book was advocating for women's rights. I like how King wrote the book because it makes you want to keep reading. The only thing I didn't like was the very supernatural aspect that a painting she had bought "solved" her problems. However the concept is understood. I overall recommend this book.

Rating: 4

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