Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Talking In The Dark a poetry memoir by Billy Merrell

As a high school student, Billy Marrell had to face who he was and who he wanted to be. He shares his struggles, his life, and his loves as a young gay man in poetry. Beginning high school he started to realize that he didn't like girls but boys. He knew he couldn't tell everyone; only a few that wouldn't judge him. As a gay teenager, he discovered what love really was with every experience that he had.

Some of his poems quote song lyrics and authors that told what he meant to say. In every relationship he had, he was learning what was the real feeling of loving your partner and not feeling lonely. His mom knew his secret but didn't put pressure on him to tell her the truth. When he told her his secret, she became the one to whom he told his love experiences. After finishing high school he continued his life now knowing what love really was and trying to forget Ed, his only love that died.

Many people will connect with his poems because some of his lines connect with people's lives. Some poems were kind of confusing because it was hard to figure out who he was talking about and to whom. Some poems were easier to understand because he went through troubles that everyone has gone through.

Rating: 3

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